How to Choose a Kitchen Cart?

43840-SMDon’t you just wish that your kitchen island can be more flexible? Perhaps you would like an accessible food counter when entertaining guests, or even just something that will move out of the way when you need more space. That’s where a kitchen cart comes in handy.

But how do you choose the right kitchen cart? Here’s a simple guideline to help you with your decision:

Understand What a Kitchen Cart Is

There are lots of myths about what a kichen cart is, and how it is used. But in reality, a kitchen cart is simply a kitchen island on cart. So just like a kitchen island, you need to pick one that matches your cabinets and kitchen set up.


Does your kitchen have enough space to wheel your kitchen cart in and out? Many people choose kitchen carts solely by their appearances, and then find out later that it is very difficult to maneuver the kitchen carts the way they want. Make sure that your kitchen cart is appropriate in size, and you have a large enough kitchen entrance to wheel the cart in and out.


How do you plan on using the kitchen cart? Most of the time, the kitchen cart is used for food preparation. So you should have drawers for basic kitchenware, as well as utensils for serving food. If you are also looking to set up a home bar, find a kitchen cart with a wine cabinet, and racks for your wine glasses.


Most kitchen carts are designed to be sturdy and long lasting,but you should still take care of their surfaces. Consider choose a kitchen cart with stainless steel or granite surface if you intend on using the kitchen cart a lot. Also, no matter what the surface is, clean up your kitchen cart right away after each use, or if it is stained.

Read a Good Kitchen Cart Buying Guide

If you are not sure what kind of kitchen cart you’re looking for, or just wants to know the options available for you, a buying guide can be an invaluable tool for you. I have also put together a more detailed buying guide on kitchen carts. Visit my Kitchen Guide for kitchen carts.

And if you have any questions about kitchen carts, or anything to do with furniture and interior design. You can find me at: Furniture and Design Ideas



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